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AutoMed 2005 - December 7- 8
Overview of the Series
The International Trade Club of Chicago (ITCC) and the Tooling & Manufacturing Association (TMA) have teamed up to help local manufacturers and organized the second annual Global Manufacturing Series, titled "AutoMed 2005," which will be held on December 7 and December 8, 2005 at the TMA Conference Center in Park Ridge, Illinois.

Unlike many “global business seminars” that are held throughout the year, this Series will present case studies and testimony by ten companies that are now successfully competing on the world stage. Attendees will hear their peers talk about their successful strategies and hear multinational companies describe how they perceive the global landscape and how small manufacturers can leverage their global business activities in productive ways.

The program also will present proven, successful collaborative strategies between businesses in the U.S., Europe and Asia, and the considerable and largely untapped competitive resources that are available to U.S. manufacturers at little or no cost.

To review company case studies and speakers presenting in the first annual 2004 Global Manufacturing Series, go to
Automotive Presenters

Denise Bondy
senior manager, BIW & fastener production procurement
H.J. Carleton
vice president, operations
James J. O'Donnell
vice president
Paul Lindsay
vice president, marketing
vice president, sales & marketing
Jay Winkler
vice president, internal operations
Industrial Molds, Inc.
Doreen Huro Michelini, CPM
president, China Mexico Solutions, llc
Medical Equipment Presenters
Homepage of Cardinal Health
Allen Shoopman
director, international sourcing
Gustavo Alvarez
latin america sales manager
Tin-Chuen Yeung, PhD
managing director
The Series is designed to assist Chicago area manufacturing companies as they compete in the global marketplace. The Series is designed to convey vital, actionable, sector specific strategic and tactical information regarding global competitive options and resources to U.S. manufacturers.
Why Manufacturing and Trade?
While the huge global manufacturing investment in the 90s and continuous productivity improvements have contributed to a rapid run-up in manufacturing capacity worldwide, weak demand for goods coupled with the increased capacity has driven down prices, eliminated margins, reduced sales, and closed factory doors.

The Series will show that manufacturing is alive in the Midwest, but it needs to reclaim its leadership by engaging globally. Series organizers intend to provide concrete and proven strategies for success. The business case studies presented will offer actionable and replicable tactics and tools that attendees can use in their own companies to compete globally.
Each module will focus on a topic of relevance to small and medium sized manufacturers who are trying to compete globally, and will build attendees’ abilities to construct and implement their own successful strategies. Series topics include:
  • The Marketing Process and Global Markets
  • Business Strategies and Individual Solutions
  • Collaborative Strategies
  • Global Supply Chain and Its Influence On the Business Model
  • Mechanics of Building a Global Presence

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